Polynesian Heritage Cemetary in Tooele, Utah

Iosepa was a town-site that existed for 28 years located in the West Deserts of Utah in Tooele County. Located just 14 miles from exit 77 toward Dugway Utah. Iosepa played a very important role in establishing the polynesian community in Utah. Founded in 1889, it stands for the faith and Pioneering spirit of the early settlers of this harsh and barren land. The people who lived in Iosepa where of “One Heart” and put God first into all of their doings.  The town-site was like no other, winning the most beautiful city in the State of Utah. They had all thinks in common, including sickness, desease and death. Much of what still remains at Iosepa is a Cemetery and a loving spirit. In 2015, there will be an opening of the time capsel followed by a Luau.


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